1/43 Street Fire, The Bugatti Chiron


MARCH 03/20/17 – We’re kicking off the week with a quick look at the Bugatti Chiron that can be found as a part of our 1/43rd Scale Street Fire line! This sleek and speedy die-cast supercar is currently available in two separate color options from our 2017 Catalog, Metallic Grey or Blue! You can find it along with the other vehicles in our Street Fire series at your local retailer in our standard Bburago packaging color-coded Blue and labeled Bburago Street Fire!

1/43 Ferrari Race & Play Light And Sound, The 458 Speciale


MARCH 03/17/17 – This Friday we’ve got a new piece from our 2017 Catalog, one of the two new additions to our 1/43rd scale Ferrari Race & Play Light and Sound line! This die-cast 458 Speciale features a real engine sound as well as a set of working headlights at the push of the hood! Keep your eyes open for our Ferrari Race & Play Light and Sound window box with a special “Try Me” cut out at your local retailer to see for yourself!

1/43 Race & Play, The 488 Spider


MARCH 03/16/17 – We’ve got a Thursday spotlight on one of the newest additions to our 1/43rd scale Ferrari Race & Play line-up, the 488 Spider! Yes, the 488 Spider has joined our 1/43rd scale die-cast arsenal with two separate color options to boot, Red or Blue! Just like the other models from this line, you can find the 488 Spider in a number of ways, like a single package blister or window box, or even as a part of a 4-pack playset!

1/24 Ferrari Race & Play, The 599 GTO


MARCH 03/14/17 – This Tuesday, we’re taking a look at one of the newest members to our 1/24th scale Ferrari Race & Play line-up! That’s right, here’s a peek at the Ferrari 599 GTO that has joined up as of our 2017 Catalog and that can be found in two different color options, Red or Black! This die-cast model features a set of opening doors to allow you a better view of the vehicle’s interior! Keep your eyes open at your local retailer for our standard Ferrari Race & Play packaging to find it or any of the other vehicles found in the line-up!

1/50 Construction, The New Holland W190C


Today we’re taking a look at one of the two new models from a brand new line from our 2017 Catalog, 1/50 Construction, the New Holland W190C! Yes, you read that right, the New Holland W190C construction wheel loader will be available as a 1/50th scale model! The vehicle’s loader can even be raised and tilted to allow for some small scale construction of your own! The W190C joins the E215C for our first set of 1/50 New Holland Construction vehicles, we hope to bring you more in the future! In order to find them at your local retailer, be sure to look for our standard Bburago packaging with the New Holland logo visible on all faces and color-coded Yellow!



1/18 Ferrari Original Series, The 288 GTO (1984)


Here’s a quick peek at the 1984 Ferrari 288 GTO that can be found as a member of our new 1/18th scale Ferrari Original Series line-up! This highly detailed die-cast replica sports a superior paint quality, detailed engine compartment, wheels, badging, interior and chassis, along with a separate exhaust system, just like its original release! The 288’s additional features include an opening hood and trunk, a set of opening doors, as well as full-function steering at the turn of the steering wheel and 4-wheel spring suspension! The Ferrari 288 GTO, just like the rest of the Original Series, can be found at your local retailer inside our unique Black and Gold closed collector’s box with the vehicle in full view on the front!

1/24 Model Kit, The Lamborghini Sesto Elemento


Our 1/24th scale die-cast Model Kit line-up has gotten a little bigger with the arrival of a new vehicle for you to pick up and piece together, the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento! This model comes in a color combination of Metallic Grey and Red, and is packaged with everything needed for assembly, even the screw driver, with no glue or paint needed! When you’re all finished, your new Sesto Elemento will even feature a set of opening doors, along with full-function steering at the turn of the steering wheel! To find it, as well as our other 1/24th scale die-cast model kits, be sure to look for our standard closed box Bburago packaging color-coded Yellow and labeled METAL KIT!