Go Gears

Go Gears Race & Rescue & Chase Getaway


MARCH 03/04/19 – Today we’re gearing up to go with a quick look at the Go Gears Race & Rescue, Race & Chase Getaway, two-vehicle playset! Speed down the strip, into the double loop and up around the bend with a set of no ordinary pull-backs! The Go Gears hit scale speeds of over 322KMH/200MPH and can travel over 14Metres/46Feet! The police vehicle provided in this set even features a working emergency light bar on the roof of the vehicle making the chase that much more visually entertaining! When looking at your local retailer, keep your eyes open for our carrying case packaging shown here for not only this playset but our other Go Gears playsets as well!



Go Gears: Real Rides


Same Fast GoGears Pullbacks, But Now With Fully-Licensed Bodies! Every GoGears Pullback Vehicle Is Assembled With A Unique, Lightweight, Super Fast Gear Box Designed To Do One Thing… Go!

  • Travels Over 14 Meters / 46 Feet
  • Reaches Scale Speeds Over 322 KMH / 200 MPH
  • Licensed Vehicles
  • Two Color Options Per Vehicle


Alfa Romeo 4C


Ford GT


Fiat 500X


Lamborghini Huracán


Mini Cooper

Go Gears, The Super Service Station


DECEMBER 12/01/17 – We’ve reached the end of the week and today we’re taking a quick look at the Go Gears Super Service Station to close out the week! With this playset, the Go Gears climb to the top of the 3-level set and race back down with adjustable track switches and gates to even help you create your own route! This box will even help you snag a Go Gear pull-back vehicle to help kick off the fun by traveling over 14 Meters (46 Feet) at scale speeds of over 322 KMH ( 200MPH)! When on the lookout for this playset on your local retailer’s store shelves, be sure to keep an eye out for the Go Gears packaging seen above!



Go Gears, The Super Spin Speedway


AUGUST 08/11/17 – We’re closing out the week with a quick look at the Go Gears Super Spin Speedway! This playset features a high speed tunnel that will send your Go Gear into a series of loops at scale speeds of over 322KMH/ 200MPH that will make your head spin! It even comes with it’s very own Go Gear, a pull-back vehicle, allowing you to assemble and get straight to playing! When looking for it at your local retailer, be sure to look for the Bburago Go Gears packaging seen above!