1/24 Model Kit, The 1996 BMW M Roadster


JANUARY 01/09/19 – We’re halfway through the work week and today we’ve got a quick look at another one of our 1/24th scale Model Kits on the schedule, the 1996 BMW M Roadster! Piece together your very own Metallic Blue M Roadster with everything piece and tool needed already found inside the box, yes even the screwdriver, with no extra glue or paint needed! When you’re finished with assembly, your new BMW will feature a set of opening doors, as well as an opening hood and full-function steering at the turn of the steering wheel! In order to find it, or any of our other 1/24th scale Model Kits at your local retailer, be sure to keep an eye out for our closed-box Bburago packaging color-coded Yellow and labeled METAL KIT!


The 1/24 BMW 3 Series Touring


DECEMBER 12/05/18 – We’re continuing through the work week with one last quick look at the BMW 3 Series Touring that can be found as a part of our 1/24th scale die-cast line-up! This model is currently available in two separate color options, the Metallic Grey seen above, as well as a White variant! Utilizing a set of opening doors along with an opening hood, you can snag a peek at all of the inner detailings of the BMW 3 Series from what it looks like behind the dash to the engine itself! You can even access the models full-function steering at the turn of the steering wheel! In order to find it or any of our other 1/24th scale models on your local retailer’s store shelves, be sure to keep an eye out for our standard Bburago packaging color-coded Yellow!

1/43 Street Fire BMW M3 GT Cup


Today we’re taking a quick peek at the BMW M3 GT Cup that can be found in our 1/43rd scale Street Fire line! This sweet little die-cast model can be found in one single color option as of our 2016 Catalog, Yellow! Just like our other 1/43rd scale Street Fire vehicles, there’s a few different ways to find this one at your local retailer! The first being our standard Bburago single blister card package, or our standard Bburago single box! These models can also be found in a dual pack, as well as a special 5-pack set!