The 1/24 Alfa MiTo


JANUARY 01/05/18 – We’re finishing out the week with a quick look at the Alfa MiTo coming straight out of our 1/24th scale line-up! This die-cast model has two separate color options to be found out in the wild, the Metallic Blue seen above as well as a White color variant! In terms of features, you’ll find that the Alfa MiTo supports a set of opening doors as well as an opening engine compartment, giving you a complete look at all of it’s inner detailings, from the view behind the dash to the engine itself! If you give the steering wheel a nudge, you’ll even access the model’s full-function steering! In order to find it or any of our other 1/24th scale model’s at your local retailer, be sure to keep an eye out for our standard Bburago packaging, color-coded Yellow!


1/43 Street Fire Flatbed Transport, The Car Hauler w/Alfa MiTo


AUGUST 08/29/17 – This Tuesday we’ve got a quick look at a new two piece combo coming from our 1/43rd scale Street Fire series, the Car Hauler with Alfa MiTo! This specific die-cast Flatbed Transport combo can be found in a single color option, Yellow, and actually happens to be 1 of 6 variant options, each with their own colors and car models for transport, all of which you can find in our 2017 Catalog! In order to find this duo or the others mentioned on your local retailer’s store shelves, be sure to keep an eye out for our classic Bburago Street Fire packaging labeled Flatbed Transport!